Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rin Ikeda & Barbara Shapiro

Barbara Shapiro forwarded a few pics from the ISS event last month. Here's a great one of her (R) with Rin Ikeda (L) taken at the musee du quai Branly "MQB" during the Paris symposium.

Rin was featured in the
Presentation des Artistes/ Defile (runway show) on Nov 8 where she showed off her elegant fashions made of gambiered (mud dyed) silk from Guangdong, China. Barbara, a WSN web member and a TSA Board member, demonstrated “Hexagonal plaiting for sculptural work” as part of the Paris courses held at the PAA. Barbara’s French translation skills also came in very handy! Thanks for being at the ready, Barbara.

photo courtesy of Barbara Shapiro

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Greetings from Sophena in Canada

We received a really nice note from Sophena Kwon and Danielle Bush, delegates from Canada who represented Maiwa Handprints at the ISS this year. Sophena writes:

I haven't stopped talking, and hope never will, of our incredible trip around france with you and many other wonderful people. Our hearts are full, our minds are stimulated and energized, our souls are deeply deeply happy. The whole experience made such an impact on both mine and dani's life. I wanted you to know this. Thank you! Here are some photos I know you will like.

"Design Shibori" travels to UK

"Design Shibori," the int'l juried student exhibition for ISS is traveling to a few venues following the premiere at ENSAD in Paris. We are pleased to announce the exhibitors chosen for the Harrogate, UK show:
1) Anna Bramhall "Indigo on Organza" (UK)
2) Mustafa Kula "Mediterranean Traces" (Turkey)
3) Alice Egler & Sonia Dupont "Briques de laine et teintures rythmiques" (France)
4) Sally Blake "Same, same, but different" (Australia)
5) Ranghui Guo & Guoxiang Yuan "Yanshui" (China)
6) Haruko Goto "Kasane" (Japan)
7) Sarah King (UK)

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's always nice to hear

We've been receiving some great ISS08 feedback through our online comment card. Thought I'd post a few of them here. If you have thoughts you'd like to share - positive and negative, please do. It only takes 2-3 minutes.

"Still recovering, but a mighty thanks to everyone for a wonderful experience." - Susan F.M., Australia

"Wow! what a great event. It was informative, inspiring and crammed full of new and innovative approaches to resist dyeing. It was wonderful to meet so many artists and textile lovers from all parts of the globe. the food, accommodation and events were all enjoyable. my 3 day workshop with Ana Lisa and Jean offered me new and interesting challenges in resist dyeing techniques that I can't wait to experiment with. A big thankyou to all who assisted with organising the event, especially to Peter and Yoshiko." - Cathy M., Australia

"This is an email for Peter Carman: I really appreciated the help of your students for the fashion show. They were cooperative patient and helpful -and a great reflection of the Paris American Academy. Bravo!I would like to mention the tireless and hardworking Isaac Moussa-he had worked backsatge and all day on the 8th November from 8am. He helped to get drinks for the models and was always ready to support others. A special thank you to you as well!! You were busy when I called in to say goodbye-you were a great compere as well. Many thanks." -Patricia B., Sweden

Keep 'em coming!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Design Shibori student exhibition

Forgive the lo-res scans but wanted to quickly post a few pics from the lovely catalogue created for the juried international student exhibition, "Design Shibori" - le premier councours international d'ecoles d'art (27 Oct-8 Nov 2008) hosted by ENSAD for the ISS. Congratulations to the wonderfully imaginative student artists and kudos to the photographer whose images are beautiful and visually provocative. ENSAD was not selling the catalogues so we were happy to have received a few copies. If you have pics of the installation, please share them. We'll see if we have time to scan better images and throw them on to flickr or something.

Acknowledgements noted in book:
: Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Nancy Salumbides, Marie-Hélène Guelton, Peter Carman, Jean-Michel Ageron-Blanc, Sharon Kilfoyle, Diane Sparks, Michelle Griffiths, Liz Williamson, Veronika Moos, Marine Biras, Shukuko Voss-Tabe, Hiroko Watanabe, Kinor Jiang.
CREDITS: Patrick Raynaud (directeur de la publication); Colette Martin (commissaire de l'exposition); Steen Halbro (scé
nographe); Shuntao Chen (création graphique et mise en page Photographie)

L-R: Top row: Saito Tomoko, untitled (tama art university, jpn); Roisin Cagney, "this is not just sushi" (national college of art & design, ireland); Bottom row: Andonimouttou Florie, "papier non tisse mobile" (ENSCI-ANAT, france); Sally Blake, "same, same but different" (univ new south wales, australia).

ISS08 Event Statistics

Full conference tour: Provence 4 nights - Lyon 2 nts - Paris 5 nts

Oct 30 marked the first official day of activities in Provence. Some travelers arrived a day or two earlier to settle in and recupe after travel. In total, Provence welcomed 54 registrants from near and far (mostly far!). Areas visited in the south of France include: the region of Provence - Luberon - Apt, Goult, Aix-en-Provence, Lourmarin, Avignon, and the region of Languedoc-Roussillion - Nime, Tarascon, Lauris.

Next stop: Lyon. Depending on which tour package you were on, the Lyon leg started either Nov 2 or 3. Attendees enjoyed a number of auxiliary exhibitions throughout Lyon which featured ISS artists and other textile related artworks. Plenary sessions took place at the Universite Lumiere Lyon 2, 9:30-16:00. Total registrants = 125 ppl.

Final destination: Paris. This final leg began Nov 4 or 5, again depending which tour. Workshops & demonstrations were held on the 6+7 at Paris American Academy, our event partner. The 2-day symposium program (plenary & activities) was hosted at the musee du quai Branly, Nov 8-9; the public was offered tickets to the evening program on the 8th. Total registrants = 328ppl.

Countries represented: USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Chile, Finland, China, Taiwan,Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Canada, Sweden, India, Mali, Argentina, Holland, Denmark.Total = 24 countries

For details (eg exhibitions, workshops, speakers, etc), check our ISS08 website

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Email contacts: provence

We heard from some of you on the Provence tour that you'd like to share email contacts with your fellow travel companions. We'll work on getting that info from PAA. Thanks for the comments.

Monday, November 17, 2008

We're back from the 7th ISS'08

The 7th International Shibori Symposium 2008 has just completed its whirlwind tour & conference through Provence, Lyon and Paris. We're working on our follow-up report (attendees, countries represented, etc) and will be adding photos from our time in France with our friends from all over the globe. Send us some of your digital pics or a link to your online slideshow (if you want to set one up, try flickr -- easy & free). We've also posted an ISS feedback page and mailing list request if don't mind taking a few moments to send us your valuable comments.

Send your pics to iss08register [at] gmail [dot] com
No hi-res images accepted. 72 dpi only.
*"at" and "dot" are spelled out simply to evade spam

Getting started

Hi, we're just getting this blog started. We'll be using this place to post informal announcements and other topics about WSN, shibori, textile friends and other related topics we think you might like. Eventually we will be moving our website to a more user-friendly platform but that's to come in due time. In the meantime, bookmark this blog or go to the top right-hand nav menu and subscribe to our RSS feed if you use GoogleReader, yahoo or etc! Thanks for staying up-to-date with us.