Thursday, August 27, 2009

Book: "Tintes Naturales Mexicanos"

"TINTES NATURALES MEXICANOS: su aplicación en algodón, henequén y lana" has just been published by Leticia Arroyo and is now available in bookstores ($30 a copy plus S/H).

Translated as "Natural Colors of Mexico: applications in cotton, agave and wool," the book is the result of numerous years of investigation and experimentation of natural colors with plant and animal-based fibers. Published jointly CONABIO and the UNAM.

From Leticia Arroyo
arroyole [AT]
Me complace informarles que ya está a la venta mi libro "TINTES NATURALES MEXICANOS: su aplicación en algodón, henequén y lana" coeditado por CONABIO y la UNAM. Este libro es el resultado de varios años de investigación y experimentación sobre los tintes naturales con plantas y animales. El libro ya está disponible en librerías EDUCAL, Ghandi y librerías de la UNAM en México. Costo estimado en dólares $30 más envío.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Australia Naturally review

Barometer Gallery's "Australia Naturally" exhibition got scooped! Pics, a blog post, and a short video clip from the fun folks at

"We never realised there was so many colours that you could make from tea!!!! ...but apparently that's the lost art of shibori ..."

I won't post them here so you better check out the videos and pics on - a fun, casual blog about art openings around australia.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Grants: Jerome Grants for MN artists

The Textile Center of MN announces their JEROME GRANTS
Apply Now!

This program is designed to expand opportunities for emerging fiber artists in Minnesota, supporting the artists as they undertake specific artistic projects. Three $4000 grants will be awarded to support a wide range of project activities - from purchasing equipment, devoting time to studio work, to travel and study with established artist.
view full details here

Information Session: September 2, 7pm
Application deadline: October 16, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Eiji Miyamoto textile designer

Eiji Miyamoto is a Japanese textile designer (born in Japan, 1948) who works independently and also in collaboration with notable designers, such as Yohji Yamamoto and for several decades Issey Miyake. Inspired by his culture's traditions as well as the possibilities of new technology, Miyamoto's woven fabrics are inspired design, to say the least.

Perhaps you might have seen his work in the MoMA exhibition, "Structure and Surface" (1998), or maybe at the V&A Museum. Maybe you read about him in the book, "Basho to Spun Steel: Contemporary Japanese Textile Design"or in a 2001 article when W magazine scooped his scarves, aligning his name with the likes of premiere innovator, Swiss mill Jakob Schlaepfer. Or maybe you've never heard of Eiji Miyamoto. Doesn't matter. Because now you know.

What inspired this post? Well, for those lucky WSN web members out there, I just uploaded to the restricted members-only page a new post: Notes on Fabric Creation & Concept, by Eiji Miyamoto. ENJOY!

(L) photo & caption from the V&A Museum website : Seaweed Scarf’ is made of triple weave fabric. The inner layer has an elastic weft that catches the sheer fabric of the outer layers at intervals to create the pleats and shirring. The dramatically textured surface and evocative colours give the impression of seaweed undulating in water.

(Top) photo: Join Check scarf, carried by MoMA museum shop

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Event: Artist Reception, "Australia Naturally" (Sydney, 08/22)

Just a reminder to those of you in Sydney, Australia.

Saturday, 22 Aug @ 2pm
Opening Reception for "Australia Naturally"
With special host, artist Barbara Schey
See complete details in previous post

"Australia Naturally" (19-28 August)
Barometer Gallery
13 Gurner Street, Paddington, NSW
10am – 4pm, Wed – Sun

Next venue: Hirshfield-Mack Gallery, Geelong, Victoria (27 Sep- 3 Oct)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New People & J-Pop Summit (SF, 08-15)

Get your Japanese on.

This weekend's J-Pop Summit & NEW PEOPLE Grand Opening

Check it out: Our friends at SOU.SOU* are part of the fashion dept in the New People building, 2F *(you know, the good people who are donating %age of sales to WSN). And don't forget to stop by STORE (booth4) at the Summit street festival.

ABOUT. The J-Pop Summit, a pop culture-themed street fair that covers Post Street, from Webster to Buchanan to the Peace Plaza of Japantown, San Francisco. This year's Summit is hosted by NEW PEOPLE and centered around the NEW PEOPLE Grand Opening - a 4-story building in the historic Japantown that "shares Japanese cinema, retail and art, all under one roof. NEW PEOPLE will attract those eager explore new cultural inspirations or who would like a crash course in Japanese popular culture."

STORE at J-Pop Summit (San Francisco, 08-15)

The Japanese husband-wife owned STORE - a moveable, on-the-spot collaborative design shop will be in San Francisco's Japantown this weekend for the 1-day J-Pop Summit. Makoto and Saori Kunitoki travel to various locations and set up a pop-up booth, making things for their passerby customers and selling their own designs (t shirts, dresses, etc). On August 15, they'll be in San Francisco. Come visit them on Saturday and walk away with your own stylish, original piece.

STORE at J-Pop Summit Street Fair

Booth #4

15 August 2009
San Francisco Japantown
event info
*see map below


STORE in Tokyo - recent performance & trunk show

167-0042 東京都杉並区西荻北5-7-19
T/F 03-3397-1791

Monday, August 10, 2009

Michele Ratté's "Confluence Series" (Martha's Vineyard)

Artist Michele Ratté is having an exhibition,"Confluence," a beautiful series of eight new works using precious metals (gold, platinum) on Gunma Silk. Open for one more week at The Gallery at PIKNIK. Check it out!

CONFLUENCE by Michele Ratté
The Gallery at PIKNIK

99 Dukes County Avenue
Oak Bluffs, MA, Martha's Vineyard
T: 508.693.1366
- Open daily -

detail of AMBROTOS (ascending), 23k gold, platinum, hand-loomed Gunma silk, stones, plaster, stainless steel cable. 2009. Photo by Ron Hall Photography

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Conference: Textile Society of America (Oct 2010)

For those of you who like to plan ahead and/or are interested in submitting a teaching proposal, start thinking now:

2010 Textile Society of America Symposium
Textiles and Settlement: From Plains Space to Cyber Space

October 6-9, 2010
Lincoln, Nebraska


The 2010 TSA Symposium will be held in Lincoln, Nebraska (Home of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Textiles, Clothing & Design, the Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery, and the International Quilt Study Center & Museum).

Keynote speaker for the symposium will be Sheila Kennedy, an architect, whose Portable Light project creates new ways to provide renewable power in solar textiles that can be adapted to meet the needs of people in different cultures and global regions. The Portable Light uses a thin-film photovoltaic textile and LEDs to harvest electrical energy and provide a completely self-contained source of renewable power and light.

The 2010 Symposium will be housed at the recently remodeled Cornhusker Marriott Hotel in downtown Lincoln.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

American Crafts Council Show (SF, 8.14-16)

Reminders all around, literally passing before my eyes...

AUGUST 14-16 2009

New artists, alternative work, and a Green Craft component will be on display at The American Craft Council Show in San Francisco at Fort Mason Center, August 14-16, 2009. Celebrating its 34th year in the Bay Area, this much-anticipated event delivers the nation's leading 250 artists and their latest designer jewelry, furniture, clothing, home decor and more to the public. Guests can indulge in wine tastings from top vineyards and be part of entertaining and informative demonstrations throughout the weekend.

*SAVE by purchasing tickets in advance:
$2 off advance ticket purchase online

Full event details here:

Special Friday Night Event: Join the American Craft Council and director/author Faythe Levine for a special screening of her film "Handmade Nation," documenting the rise of the handmade craft movement throughout the U.S.

ABOUT THE AMERICAN CRAFT COUNCIL. The American Craft Council is a national, nonprofit public educational organization founded in 1943 by Aileen Osborn Webb. The mission of the Council is to promote the understanding and appreciation of contemporary American craft. Programs include the bimonthly magazine AMERICAN CRAFT, annual juried craft shows presenting artists and their work, the Aileen Osborn Webb Awards honoring excellence, a specialized library, workshops and seminars.