Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anne Selby

We're well into January and, with it, the new year's winter season. But here in California, even up in the rainy northern parts, we've been getting very odd weather: 70s to 30s F all in the same week. Meanwhile, I'm sure our friends in Australia are reading this while under a shady tree, taking refuge from the summer's sun. It's funny how far reaching the internet is. It really is a time for global consciousness.

We received a really great email from Anne Selby of UK (, inventor of the Compleat Arashi machine. In addition to some helpful feedback about the ISS, she also had something to share with all of her new friends from the France event. Anne writes:

It's been a couple of busy months since ISS08, yet I find myself referring to my notes, or recalling conversations with other delegates almost every day. It was a unique event, very ambitious, and for the short time I was part of it, hugely memorable and valuable. I feel I have an international network of colleagues that I can reach out to in the future. A grateful thanks to Yoshiko and Peter for being so visionary and incredibly organised, to make such a complex venture work.

An afterthought - I emailed everyone who asked me to keep in touch with them about my Compleat Arashi machine - but this depended on my [being able to] successfully read their writing correctly!! If you have not heard from me and had expected to, please email me so I have your correct address. anne [at] selby [dot] cc

Thanks for the feedback, Anne. Hope to see you in Kansas at SDA in June.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Articles in Magic Patch magazine

Happy new year everyone! Hope you're all looking forward to the promise of new opportunities in 2009.

We're pleased to announce that Magic Patch magazine has published two articles about the ISS08 in issue #78.

"7ieme Shibori reportage," written by Gül Laporte, author of Quilts from Europe: Projects & Inspiration, is a great report of the overall event.
"Renoué" exhibition report, written by Clarisse Bioud, is a lovely review of the art show produced by the association Trame de Soi for musee de l'imprimerie de Lyon (3-30 Nov 2008). Have a look-see and enjoy!

Both are written in French and rich in images. Download the full article and see all the photos! (file available here on our main website)