Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WSN blog has moved!

We're tying up loose ends around here (end of year cleaning?) and moving the blog over to the website. This blogspot will remain alive, just not maintained.

Please bookmark the new blog address
*not sure if it has RSS feed, but will activate if available

Thanks for following us over here all these years! We hope to see you at the new site =)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"New Beat" student artists selected

Curator Dr. Jooyoung Shin and the selection committee have announced the names of students selected for "New Beat: International Student Concours" exhibition

The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the 8th ISS: HK
Fashion Gallery, Hong Kong Polytechnic University 5 Dec 2011 - 18 Jan 2012 * traveling to Foshan ShiJin Yi r Museum, Feb 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to the selected students!

click here for more

  • Gillian LAVERY, Australia “Written, Remembered”
  • Kim KOKOSZKA, Canada “Silver Moon”
  • Guoxiang YUAN and Yidan ZHENG, HK ”X=Y+tt”
  • Upasana DIVAKAR, India “Punched Monologue 1″
  • Shou DEGUCHI, Japan “Bosa Bossa (Circle)”
  • Asumi HASEGAWA, Japan “Fossils”
  • Mariko KOBAYASHI, Japan “God of Fox”
  • Miho SUZUKI, Japan “Vegeit”
  • Sashiko TERAMURA, Japan untitled
  • Lillian BAKER, New Zealand “Te aro hau”
  • Ga Young AHN, Korea “With the Wind”
  • Sang-a SEO, Korea “The Nature”
  • Mustafa KULA, Turkey “Rusted Love”
  • Angela JOHNSTON, UK Textile Composition
  • Katie JONES, UK Exploratory Garment Pieces
  • Carly SLINGO, UK Printed Silk Piece
  • Christine TEELING, UK Textile sample
  • Katherine TROTMAN, UK Textile Composition
  • Christina CONKLIN, USA “Ancestor”
  • Harrison JOHNSTON, USA “Functional Origami Style”

Monday, November 21, 2011

WSN Oz-NZ Newsletter from Joan

Our indefatiguable Secretary General from Australia, Joan James, has published the most recent newsletter with great features, including:
  • an interesting trip synopsis from Annette Brereton (Slow Fiber Japan, May);
  • lovely story by Philomena Hali with Sarah Hill that chronicles the journey of CasArts artists;
  • profile of Margaret Barnett (who shares indigo recipes);
  • Cathy Moon's upcoming workshop;

and wonderful words about the Out of the Box DownUnder exhibition, which is en route from the Barometer Gallery to Hong Kong for the 8th ISS.

A hearty thanks to you, Joan!

download the pdf for all the interesting details.