Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"New Beat" student artists selected

Curator Dr. Jooyoung Shin and the selection committee have announced the names of students selected for "New Beat: International Student Concours" exhibition

The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the 8th ISS: HK
Fashion Gallery, Hong Kong Polytechnic University 5 Dec 2011 - 18 Jan 2012 * traveling to Foshan ShiJin Yi r Museum, Feb 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to the selected students!

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  • Gillian LAVERY, Australia “Written, Remembered”
  • Kim KOKOSZKA, Canada “Silver Moon”
  • Guoxiang YUAN and Yidan ZHENG, HK ”X=Y+tt”
  • Upasana DIVAKAR, India “Punched Monologue 1″
  • Shou DEGUCHI, Japan “Bosa Bossa (Circle)”
  • Asumi HASEGAWA, Japan “Fossils”
  • Mariko KOBAYASHI, Japan “God of Fox”
  • Miho SUZUKI, Japan “Vegeit”
  • Sashiko TERAMURA, Japan untitled
  • Lillian BAKER, New Zealand “Te aro hau”
  • Ga Young AHN, Korea “With the Wind”
  • Sang-a SEO, Korea “The Nature”
  • Mustafa KULA, Turkey “Rusted Love”
  • Angela JOHNSTON, UK Textile Composition
  • Katie JONES, UK Exploratory Garment Pieces
  • Carly SLINGO, UK Printed Silk Piece
  • Christine TEELING, UK Textile sample
  • Katherine TROTMAN, UK Textile Composition
  • Christina CONKLIN, USA “Ancestor”
  • Harrison JOHNSTON, USA “Functional Origami Style”

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