Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kyokechi w/Jay Rich (Aug'09, Tilburg)

Workshop announcement for those of you in/near Tilburg, Netherlands

"Carved Board Clamp Resist Dyeing"
Instructor: Jay Rich (USA)

August 26 – 30, 2009
Hosted by Karina van Vught for Studio Zijdelings
Tilburg, Netherlands

Inspired by Jay's kyokechi lecture at Quai Branly during the ISS08, Karina has organized a workshop at her lovely studio in the Netherlands. "Carved Board Clamp Resist Dyeing" will focus on this very old method of clamping and its use in combination with several dyes: Procion MX, Indigo, Persimmon and Safflower.

For more information or to enroll, please visit Zijdelings

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Report: ISS08 symposium & tour, Textile Forum (1/09)

Seems there's a lot in this month's TF magazine for this blog to talk about.

Two more well-informed articles in the current issue of TextileForum (Jan '09) but this time on our event -- the 7th International Shibori Symposium - France, Nov '08 (ISS08)

click here to read scans of both reports

The ISS conference report, written by Veronika Moos-Brochhagen, is a great summary of all the events and presentations comprising the ISS'08 held in 3 locations: Provence, Lyon and Paris. As an attendee, the author was able to surmise the strengths of the program, its shortcomings, as well as contextualize what the experience offered her as a European artist.
"[A] lively exchange with the local textile cultural scene occurred when the programme moved to Lyon, with exhibitions and talks at the Lumiere university."
Karina van Vught contributed the article summarizing the ISS tour offerings from Nimes to Paris. As her piece illustrates, it was a packed program. She concludes,
"For me, the tour was an unforgettable experience in a very special environment: the food, the wine.... We enjoyed it all and were thoroughly pampered. Moreover, all the visits and lectures were highly informative."

Our thanks to Veronika (www.shibori.eu) and Karina van Vught (Zijdelings) for their insightful articles on the ISS tour programme. We appreciate your active involvement and leadership in the shibori community of Europe.

We value the viewpoints offered in the article, especially those that critiqued -- from space planning for the bazaar to insufficient time for follow-up. These are all good things we will consider for the next symposium. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Report: "Inspired Design: Jacquard & Entrepreneurial Textile Conference" (1/09)

Check out the Jan'09 issue of TextileForum (publication of ETN) for a report of the recent

"Inspired Design: Jacquard & Entrepreneurial Textile Conference"
Hendersonville, NC
Jan 7-10, 2009

or read the scanned article here

The issue holds two great articles on the jacquard event: an informative report of the Inspired Design conference and a review of the exhibition of the same name.

The conference's keynote speakers were: Joan Morris, Textile design, "The Lion King"; Grace Bonney, founder, Design*Sponge; Michele Frick, Kansas City Art Institute. The show involved 19 artists from 8 countries, with work presented in five sections: 1) Smart Textiles; 2) Performance and Interactive Textiles; 3) Boutique Clothing Textiles; 4) Exclusive Interior Textiles; and 5) Public and Private Textile Commissions.

"The organisers...were inspired by the activities undertaken by [the new jacquard production site] ‘The Oriole Mill".... It was probably visiting the mill which put the conference participants in the optimistic mood we experienced."

"Everyone knew that they were sharing an extraordinary moment in the recent history of jacquard weaving. For myself, I felt that we were witnessing the emergence of a true movement in digitised jacquard technology of the highest standard."

- conference report excerpt, Beatrijs Sterk

The exhibition review, written by Veronika Moos-Brochhagen, noted in particular some works by young artists such as Kari Merete Paulsen (Norway), Ismini Samanidou (Greece), Tim Parry-Williams (UK), Christy Matsons (USA) and Sara Clugage (USA) and also praised the surprising exhibits by well-accomplished artists Pauline Verbeek-Cowar (Netherlands/USA) and Catharine Ellis (USA).

The event was organized by the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (CCCD, an outfit of the University of North Carolina)

Announcing: 15th ETN Conference, Haslach/Austria 21-24 July

We are great supporters of the ETN and encourage textile enthusiasts and professionals to attend this exciting event they will be hosting in July in Europe.

The European Textile Network (ETN) - together with Textile Kultur Haslach & Linz Art University, will host their 15th conference in Haslach/Upper Austria.

15th ETN Conference
"Cultural Revival of Old Textile Centres – New educational challenges"
21 - 24 July 2009
pre- & post-programme 19th-31st July

This year's event is marked by the near completion of a ten-year endeavour by the municipality of Haslach to revive an old factory complex. A new textile centre will now stand in the former Vonwiller weaving mill which once employed more than 2,000 people. The future cultural centre will include a textile museum, a wool processing workshop, and will also house Textile Kultur Haslach, an association that organises major textile gatherings annually, offering courses, exhibitions, symposia, and a weavers’ market. Situated in the Austrian/Czech/German border triangle, the Centre will have a far-reaching impact on all those countries. Its staff hopes to help create an active network of European textile centres that will support creative, educational, conservation and tourist activities by means of joint ventures, and effectively strengthen structures in the respective textile regions.

Visit the website for programme details and application forms.

ETN is a non-profit organisation with its seat in Strasbourg and a secretariat in Hannover. Informally the Network was set up in 1991 in Erfurt and founded as an International Association after Alsacian law in 1993 under the auspices of the Council of Europe as the Carrier Networ

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Upcoming shibori events in Austria, Germany

Some upcoming events for our European friends and those who might find themselves in Austria and Germany/Netherlands (Nettetal) area in the upcoming months:

Textilkultur Haslach in Austria, summer 09:
  • "Experimental Shibori" 5-day workshop, supervised by Veronika Moos-Brochhagen. Other four participating artists include: Stephanie Siepmann, Deutschland; Ysabel de Maisonneuve, Frankreich; Ulrike von Kutzleben-Hausen, Deutschland; Anne-Mie Boonen, Belgien
Founded in 1991, the society TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH has chosen the fostering of textile art and culture as its main objective with its intention being the fusion of traditional and modern, art and technology, crafts and industry, investigation and teachings, experiments and practical. Located at the river Mühl in the upper Mühlviertel, Haslach village and its surroundings have represented an important centre of the linen industry for centuries. www.textile.kultur.haslach.at (website is in German, English, Czech)

"DIE SCHEUNE" textilmuseum, Nettetal

  • 26 April - 21 July 09: introduction of Shibori on the basis of Veronika's work
  • 03 May 09, 11:00am: shibori workshop

Thanks for the news, Veronika!

Veronika Moos-Brochhagen is a textile artist from Germany and an active WSN community member. Her work was shown at the Musee qu quai Branly in Paris as part of the 7th ISS'08.
www.textilkunst.de - www.shibori.eu - www.belonging-and-beyond.net

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shibori DVD review (Library Journal, Feb 09)

Library Journal's Arts & Humanities video section (February issue) features a glowing review of the Arimatsu Narumi shibori DVD which was produced by Studio Galli and narrated by Yoshiko I Wada. An excerpt:
This exceptionally well-made and informative documentary is essential for textile or arts and crafts collections. Very highly recommended.
To read, enlarge the image by clicking on it
To purchase, go here

Thanks to Tom Budlong of Atlanta, Library Journal and Studio Galli

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dosa yagul reception & Judith Belzer installation (15 March, Los Angeles)

dosa yagul 2009

opening reception
installation by judith belzer
"trees inside out" oil on canvas, plywood, spruce pine fir

march 15, 2009
1pm to 4pm

818 south broadway 12th floor
los angeles, ca 90014
213 489 2801

"Design Shibori" in Japan. Next stop: USA

Back in Japan...
One of the highlights of our recent shibori symposium in France was "Design Shibori," the juried international students exhibition hosted by ENSAD in Paris. This exhibition traveled most recently to Arimatsu in Nagoya, Japan, where it was installed at the Shibori Kaikan museum until 28 February (pics to come soon on flickr). more blog posts on Design Shibori here

On to Colorado...
At the moment, the Colorado State University is reassessing the exhibition proposal in light of a reduced budget. IF YOUR WORK WAS INCLUDED IN THIS EXHIBITION AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE DETAILS OR TO FOLLOW THE STATUS of the exhibition schedule, please check our NEWS page on www.shibori.org

Catharine Ellis: "Naturally" (Sydney, Apr 6-26)

BAROMETER GALLERY (Sydney, Australia)
"Naturally" by Catharine Ellis
6-26 April 2009

Catharine Ellis, an American weaver and shibori artist, is currently working on a body of work for her upcoming solo exhibition at Barometer, a gallery in Sydney owned by artist Barbara Rogers. "Naturally" will feature woven shibori textiles that explore Jacquard design and industrial weaving and are dyed using only natural colorants. The fabrics are all cotton, woven at The Oriole Mill in NC. Catharine comments on "Naturally":
"My dyeing is based on the information we got in France from Mr. Michel Garcia [formerly of the Association Couleur Garance] in Lauris. I have done a few comparative tests: more traditional cotton mordanting vs. Garcia's process and the result of the Garcia method is giving me significantly more color. I'd love to communicate with anyone else working in this way. It would be good to compare notes."

So if any of our readers work similarly in this way with natural colorants, please contact Catharine || ellisc[at]charter.net || www.ellistextiles.com

Catharine teaches woven shibori and held a workshop at the ISS08 in Paris. Barbara Rogers of Sydney, Australia, exhibited in the ISS08 show, "No Limits: shibori," held at the Artefact Gallery, Lyon. Both participated in the full ISS08 France program.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Asheville HATCH fest (Apr 15-19)

If you find yourself in the North Carolina area next month, here's a great festival of which you should all be aware. Highly recommend!

Asheville's HATCHfest
is a multi-day "mentoring" event wherein established professionals from various disciplines teach workshops and provide assistance to people about their discipline: fashion, architecture, journalism, photography and illustration. The roster includes many notable industry professionals and innovators. The fashion discipline will cover a few themes including the interdisciplinary cross-over of other genres (eg film, architecture, music, photography, technology, journalism), slow design, and more. Yoshiko is slated to be a presenter.

HATCHfest includes a great variety of learning & discussion forums: panels and demonstrations, lectures, performances and exhibitions, labs, parties, and more. According to the website, daytime events are FREE and OPEN TO PUBLIC! Consult event website for more details: www.hatchasheville.org

Thanks to HATCH fashion chair, Brooke Piddy of Ship to Shore, for her part in putting the festival together.