Thursday, March 26, 2009

Report: ISS08 symposium & tour, Textile Forum (1/09)

Seems there's a lot in this month's TF magazine for this blog to talk about.

Two more well-informed articles in the current issue of TextileForum (Jan '09) but this time on our event -- the 7th International Shibori Symposium - France, Nov '08 (ISS08)

click here to read scans of both reports

The ISS conference report, written by Veronika Moos-Brochhagen, is a great summary of all the events and presentations comprising the ISS'08 held in 3 locations: Provence, Lyon and Paris. As an attendee, the author was able to surmise the strengths of the program, its shortcomings, as well as contextualize what the experience offered her as a European artist.
"[A] lively exchange with the local textile cultural scene occurred when the programme moved to Lyon, with exhibitions and talks at the Lumiere university."
Karina van Vught contributed the article summarizing the ISS tour offerings from Nimes to Paris. As her piece illustrates, it was a packed program. She concludes,
"For me, the tour was an unforgettable experience in a very special environment: the food, the wine.... We enjoyed it all and were thoroughly pampered. Moreover, all the visits and lectures were highly informative."

Our thanks to Veronika ( and Karina van Vught (Zijdelings) for their insightful articles on the ISS tour programme. We appreciate your active involvement and leadership in the shibori community of Europe.

We value the viewpoints offered in the article, especially those that critiqued -- from space planning for the bazaar to insufficient time for follow-up. These are all good things we will consider for the next symposium. Thank you.

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