Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catharine Ellis: "Naturally" (Sydney, Apr 6-26)

BAROMETER GALLERY (Sydney, Australia)
"Naturally" by Catharine Ellis
6-26 April 2009

Catharine Ellis, an American weaver and shibori artist, is currently working on a body of work for her upcoming solo exhibition at Barometer, a gallery in Sydney owned by artist Barbara Rogers. "Naturally" will feature woven shibori textiles that explore Jacquard design and industrial weaving and are dyed using only natural colorants. The fabrics are all cotton, woven at The Oriole Mill in NC. Catharine comments on "Naturally":
"My dyeing is based on the information we got in France from Mr. Michel Garcia [formerly of the Association Couleur Garance] in Lauris. I have done a few comparative tests: more traditional cotton mordanting vs. Garcia's process and the result of the Garcia method is giving me significantly more color. I'd love to communicate with anyone else working in this way. It would be good to compare notes."

So if any of our readers work similarly in this way with natural colorants, please contact Catharine || ellisc[at]charter.net || www.ellistextiles.com

Catharine teaches woven shibori and held a workshop at the ISS08 in Paris. Barbara Rogers of Sydney, Australia, exhibited in the ISS08 show, "No Limits: shibori," held at the Artefact Gallery, Lyon. Both participated in the full ISS08 France program.

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