Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Design Shibori" in Japan. Next stop: USA

Back in Japan...
One of the highlights of our recent shibori symposium in France was "Design Shibori," the juried international students exhibition hosted by ENSAD in Paris. This exhibition traveled most recently to Arimatsu in Nagoya, Japan, where it was installed at the Shibori Kaikan museum until 28 February (pics to come soon on flickr). more blog posts on Design Shibori here

On to Colorado...
At the moment, the Colorado State University is reassessing the exhibition proposal in light of a reduced budget. IF YOUR WORK WAS INCLUDED IN THIS EXHIBITION AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE DETAILS OR TO FOLLOW THE STATUS of the exhibition schedule, please check our NEWS page on www.shibori.org


  1. does arimatsu open a classes for interested individual or group in learning shibori? i myself involve in Natural dye and i think shibori has a various techniques that turn a plain fabrik to beautiful art to wear.

  2. @ Zehann: Yes, Arimatsu's Shibori Kaikan holds some classes and live demos. The "Shibori Community" organization also holds workshops time and again in addition to staging their own exhibitions. You can read some info abt Arimatsu on our WSN website, under FAQs. http://shiboriorg.wordpress.com/faq/

    Actually, Yoshiko is leading a workshop/study intensive tour to Arimatsu in June 2010. Info here: http://yoshikowada.wordpress.com/slowfiber/sfs-tours/