Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Asheville HATCH fest (Apr 15-19)

If you find yourself in the North Carolina area next month, here's a great festival of which you should all be aware. Highly recommend!

Asheville's HATCHfest
is a multi-day "mentoring" event wherein established professionals from various disciplines teach workshops and provide assistance to people about their discipline: fashion, architecture, journalism, photography and illustration. The roster includes many notable industry professionals and innovators. The fashion discipline will cover a few themes including the interdisciplinary cross-over of other genres (eg film, architecture, music, photography, technology, journalism), slow design, and more. Yoshiko is slated to be a presenter.

HATCHfest includes a great variety of learning & discussion forums: panels and demonstrations, lectures, performances and exhibitions, labs, parties, and more. According to the website, daytime events are FREE and OPEN TO PUBLIC! Consult event website for more details:

Thanks to HATCH fashion chair, Brooke Piddy of Ship to Shore, for her part in putting the festival together.

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