Friday, July 24, 2009

Sou.Sou donates %age to WSN

The Japanese company, SOU.SOU, is not only an impressive design brand but charitable as well. CEO Mr. T. Wakabayashi has generously agreed to donate 10% of all sales made by WSN friends & supporters in their shops or on their website. Proof that SOU.SOU is a forward-thinking brand on all fronts.

So go out there and buy those preciously hip tabi shoes you've been eyeing all this time! Just remember to mention "WSN" or "Yoshiko Wada" during checkout. One final step: Mr. Wakabayashi has requested you send a follow-up email to request a WSN contribution.

Email wakabayashi [AT] and cc to info [AT], subject line: WSN sale contribution
- your name
- date of your purchase
- location (which sou.sou store/city, or website)
- amount
- cash or credit card (in japanese, but pictures and prices are universal, right?)
maps & directions to their shops in kyoto (english & japanese)

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