Friday, August 21, 2009

Eiji Miyamoto textile designer

Eiji Miyamoto is a Japanese textile designer (born in Japan, 1948) who works independently and also in collaboration with notable designers, such as Yohji Yamamoto and for several decades Issey Miyake. Inspired by his culture's traditions as well as the possibilities of new technology, Miyamoto's woven fabrics are inspired design, to say the least.

Perhaps you might have seen his work in the MoMA exhibition, "Structure and Surface" (1998), or maybe at the V&A Museum. Maybe you read about him in the book, "Basho to Spun Steel: Contemporary Japanese Textile Design"or in a 2001 article when W magazine scooped his scarves, aligning his name with the likes of premiere innovator, Swiss mill Jakob Schlaepfer. Or maybe you've never heard of Eiji Miyamoto. Doesn't matter. Because now you know.

What inspired this post? Well, for those lucky WSN web members out there, I just uploaded to the restricted members-only page a new post: Notes on Fabric Creation & Concept, by Eiji Miyamoto. ENJOY!

(L) photo & caption from the V&A Museum website : Seaweed Scarf’ is made of triple weave fabric. The inner layer has an elastic weft that catches the sheer fabric of the outer layers at intervals to create the pleats and shirring. The dramatically textured surface and evocative colours give the impression of seaweed undulating in water.

(Top) photo: Join Check scarf, carried by MoMA museum shop

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