Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Conference: State of Design (15-25 Jul '09 Melbourne, AUS)

In looking through the State of Design conference happening next month in Melbourne (see previous post), I saw some really great public events. I've only been to Australia but once yet I have to say, my impression of Melbourne was far better and more impressive than Sydney (sorry, Sydney, but you get plenty of love as it is). Melbourne is a creative, vibrant, blossoming place seemingly full of people doing and making and thinking surprising things. So if you're in the area in July, stop by and check it out (and report back here!)

Here's one event of many I thought would intrigue you, dear readers, and is all the more interesting because it aligns with our own philosophy & encouragement of Slow Fiber ™.

The World of Small Things:
An Exhibition of Craft

Presented by Craft Unbound
click here for event details

19 June - 25 July
(open Mon 12p-5p, Tu-Sat 10a-5p)

Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane

The world is changing. Countries that previously were the storehouse of traditional crafts are now developing their own design capacities to serve their expanding internal markets. Consumers read labels more closely to ensure that their purchase does some good in the world. Questions about the course of globalisation prompt a return to the tangibility of objects.

This exhibition will include products, art works and background information about what has emerged from recent craft-design collaborations. These collaborations involve application of traditional craft techniques in new forms or with new materials. As well as these fascinating stories of product design, the exhibition will also focus on the growing trend of ‘ethical consumerism’. This trend is placed in the context of climate change and the fresh dialogues between first and third worlds about the reduction of carbon emissions. How can we sustain and grow the market for world craft? What are its sources of vulnerability and how can we overcome them?

The World of Small Things is an exhibition designed to explore the variety of dialogues between cultures that are currently being practiced in the craft field.

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