Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slow Fiber Studio Tours

Wanted to bring special attention to a new program we are offering, something really exceptional in terms of personal + cultural + artistic learning experience. Borne of the same values as WSN, we think of it as an extension of the world shibori network though it is a movement in its own right. Read on about Slow Fiber...

Slow Fiber Studio Tours are collaborative workshop
programs created with traditional artisan communities and small studios to explore local practices, knowledge, techniques, production, and commerce in specific regions of the world.

Get up close & personal with local artisans
. SFS tours offer an inside view of textile traditions on a local level. Learn new skills & build a greater understanding of the world of fiber arts. Programs are led by experienced traditional artisans and art professionals, such as Michel Garcia for Provençal natural dye printing, Tsuyoshi Kuno & Hiroshi Murase for Arimatsu shibori, and Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada. Capacity very limited to provide an intimate cultural experience and learning atmosphere. ** Current WSN members enjoy priority registration and $50.00 discount. **

Upcoming tours:
South India (Jan 2010), Nagoya, Japan (May 2010), Pugalia, Italy (June 2010) and China (2011)

Slow Fiber, a term we adapted from the popularized Slow Food movement, is a platform where we articulate similar concerns and philosophies as they apply specifically to cloth, fiber, and the craft of making — from awareness and knowledge to production, tradition, practice, commerce. Slow Fiber Studio (SFS) is an extension of the principles and practices we celebrate through WSN. SFS promotes sustainable practices that are culturally and socially responsible. Find out more about Slow Fiber

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