Monday, December 7, 2009

Art Installation: Padmaja Krishnan

it's about time.
Came across these images of an installation by Indian artist Padmaja Krishnan and i just had to post here. For Lisbon's 5th annual EXPERIMENTA DESIGN event (Sept-Nov 2009), Padmaja used traditional embroidery to comment on effects of time in our contemporary society. Creating "a collection of handcrafted wooden laptops that capture fleeting objects of mass consumption of the 21st century, [the installation] allow[s] for reflection on the colossal power of the image and the role of new mythology in our society."

Thoughtful, thought provoking, and considered, yet visually fanciful with its brightly colored Kaantha embroidery and illustrations. From her blog:

The laptop is a metaphorical frame of our ‘Fast’, ‘time-less’ and ‘consumerist’ world and Kaantha embroidery is a representative screen of the ‘slow’, the ‘recycled’, the ‘remade’, the ‘inexpensive’ and the ‘precious seconds’. [The two together] create objects that are a comment on and at the same time question the state of the world today.

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