Monday, January 4, 2010

Exh: Metallic Sound (18 Jan - 17 Feb '10, UK)

"Metallic Sound"
Works by Junichi Arai and Kinor Jiang

18 Jan- 17 Feb 2010
Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University

A collection of innovative textile designs by legendary textile engineer Junichi Arai and Dr Kinor Jiang of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University along with many talented designers from Japan and China. Using their skills as artist/designers, their scientific knowledge and modern technology, these artists have created striking combinations of colour and texture, the fabrics capturing the essence of oriental style with a contemporary direction.

Special Events on 19 Jan:
  • 5-6p: Presentation by Dr. Kinor Jiang
  • 6-7p: Private viewing of exhibition

For more information & a map to the gallery, visit the NTU Events Calendar here


  1. it would be great if someone who visits this show reviewed it for those of us who aren't able to see this.
    what does Exh. mean? exhibit?
    what does sound have to do with these fabrics? do they make sound as they move ala Nick Cage Soundsuits?
    sounds intriguing...

  2. "Exh" means exhibition (informal shorthand for the sake of layout and re-posting in FB). Any readers near Nottingham Trent Univ? YES, PLEASE TO TAKE PHOTOS AND GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK!