Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recap: Style 2010 Show & Sale (via SF Chronicle)

Check out the SF Chronicle article (read it here) recapping the recent event, STYLE 2010, Palo Alto Art Center's wearable art show & sale. The article features images from various artists including Gabriel Russo, our friend & WSN web member whose insightful and hilarious SCHMATTA STORIES (nyc garment district in 1960s) we've mentioned on this blog once before.

Shame we didn't hear about this sooner (it just passed this weekend, Apr 24). The roster of participating artists included several of our shibori friends: Angelina DeAntonis, Ellen Hauptli, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Carol Shanks.
"Designer Gabriel Russo... salvages the rustic Japanese fabric known as boro and creates pockets from the lining of old kimonos, for patchwork-style vests. He also "excavates" tailoring details from vintage men's blazers to attach to wool gabardine shirts."

"It has to have a certain texture for me, and I love it if it's damaged and restitched. That's where the beauty of it is for me, where I can apply my aesthetics to balance it," Russo said.

photos courtesy G. Russo

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