Thursday, July 1, 2010

SFS Arimatsu photos!

It's been really lovely hearing from some of our SFS Arimatsu '10 friends, who have since been home a few weeks now. All your celebratory and appreciative emails to Yoshiko and to one another are a pleasure to read. By all accounts, it sounds as if the SFS Arimatsu Tour was a great success!

Yoshiko's still abroad (finishing up in Italy w/ Michel Garcia for SFS Puglia) but the testimonials and photos have already started coming in. For those of you who had the luck of being on this tour AND to those who are thinking of joining one in the future, I bring you these peeks...

"The knowledge, history, people and places you shared with us made my experience of Japan and her textiles invaluable. I expect it will deeply influence my art and teaching." — Julie T.

"The [tour] was magical. I not only visited artist’s studios and exhibitions, learned resist techniques, ate fabulous food, ... but also made a wonderful group of new friends. We told our stories, shared adventures and laughed a lot. This the most special trip of my life. I am already saving for 2012." – Judith K.
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Junichi Arai & Yoshiko, at his home

Friends, new & old. Priya & Francesca

Fabric sample book

Click for ongoing SFS Photo Diary set on Flickr

YOSHIKO sends warm greetings to all her SFS Arimatsu friends, new and old, and thanks each of you for appreciating what this tour - this entire program - is truly all about. She hopes you stay in touch with one other and integrate what you've seen and learn into your creative lives and beyond.

PHOTOS: (top) Courtesy of Judith Krone; (middle) Courtesy of Judith Krone; (bottom) Courtesy of Masako Takahashi

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