Thursday, August 19, 2010

Buy It! Le Tissage Aux Cartons dans L'Egypte Ancienne (Cardweaving in Ancient Egypt)

If you have any interest in cardweaving, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of this book.

Cardweaving in Ancient Egypt is the English translation of the 1916 publication Le Tissage Aux Cartons dans L'Egypte Ancienne. This English edition, translated by Barbara Shapiro - a TSA Board member and longtime WSN member - is available in handsome book form and includes helpful illustrations and color images to accompany a very comprehensive text.

ABOUT. Le Tissage Aux Cartons by Arnold van Gennep and Gustave Jequier was originally published in 1916. S
ome of its conclusions—including those about the Ramses sash—created considerable controversy. The book describes and categorizes many decorative motifs from Egyptian tombs, statues, and paintings; considers whether the patterns represent cardwoven bands; and provides instructions for creating many of the designs with cardweaving.

Cardweaving in Ancient Egypt. Illustrated with 6 color plates of cardwoven bands, 6 black and white plates, and 135 line drawings. Includes translation of entire original text, including extensive footnotes and notes on plates. 160 pages. $29.95. Available for purchase here

A serial translation of Le Tissage Aux Cartons originally appeared in the TWIST Journal in 2001–2003. Newly revised, the translation is now available as this book.

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