Monday, March 7, 2011

The Reinvention of Silk (NYT, Mar 7 2011)

"The Reinvention of Silk," an article published in today's New York Times, discusses new, outside-the-box creations of this versatile filament. Since spider's can't spin enough of it, "some scientists are ... working on reinventing the one silk that is commonly available — that of silkworms. They are reconstituting it to make novel materials that have the potential to go far beyond the dream of bulletproof vests." Read full article here

(above) Silk creations by Tufts University researchers include a coilmade of silk substrate and gold that can help tell when food goes bad.

(above) Pure silk fibroin powder used to make solvent-based silk scaffolds that take a long time to degrade in the body.
Photo credits: Bryce Vickmark, for the NYT

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