Monday, July 18, 2011

"Extreme Shibori: Ori-kume series" book by Sue Cavanaugh

Sue Cavanaugh has published, “Extreme Shibori: the Ori-Kume Series”, a 60-page (8.5” square) artist portfolio about her current work, inspiration and process. Available for purchase at the Ohio Craft Museum


  1. the link you've given doesn't [so far as i can work out] lead to a bookstore...any further clues on how to obtain that book?

  2. Hi there. Sue only provided the Ohio Craft Museum link as place of purchase. I think you may have to phone them. Or you can email Sue directly and inquire. scavanau [AT]

  3. Sorry about that. The Link takes you to Ohio Designer Craftsmen and they run the Ohio Craft Museum and the gift shop. You can follow the link, click on "Contact" (upper right), ask about the book and they will tell you how to buy it. Or you can get it directly from me at

    Sue Cavanaugh