Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gunma Silk + NZ merino wool

This note from Deb Donnelly offers some nice feedback about the ISS and it also raises a common question we repeatedly receive: how to purchase Gunma silk. So read on for our response. And, if you're ever curious to find the best NZ merino wool, Deb is a great resource. She specializes in textile design for fabric prints and fashion using natural dyed merino wool, fine silk cloth and hi-tech garments & fibers.

From Deb:

A note to say how much I enjoyed the wonderful textile and visual
experiences you and Peter put together for the tour of France at ISS08.
It was exceptional not to mention the location and I have made a number
of technological advances, finds, treasures and future teaching contacts.
I now look forward to being the NZ shibori rep and three upcoming
exhibitions to celebrate our National Day in NZ on 6 February.
This means sampling wool and silk treatments for dye and shibori
experiments in the coming months. My request to you is how do I purchase Japanese gunma silk by yardage? Do you have any in stock? How much is it? I am also happy to advise shibori artists on the best NZ merino wool supplies for fine felt shibori and nuno works.

Well, Deb (and others): you can purchase meterage of gunma silk (a specialty silk with sericin that responds incredibly well to shibori) through our office. Stock fluctuates so it's always best to inquire directly with the office. Prices are not available online yet but we're working on a separate website / online shop for these such purposes. You can email us at:

orders [at] yoshikowada [dot] com

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