Monday, December 1, 2008

More: ISS08 feedback

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow American friends! Wanted to share more feedback from folks across the globe. It is really great to hear how worthwhile the ISS was for those of you who were able to make it. We know that to travel so far, and especially in these economic times, was a big commitment for you and, as well, a huge uncertainty for us and for PAA. It's really helpful to hear about your experiences so thank you for sharing them. Today's messages come from Mary Mortenson (USA), Clara Schreiber (USA) and Yvonne Wakabayshi & Cindy Do (Canada).

Mary writes:
I want to express my gratitude for all that you did to make the International Shibori Symposium so incredible. You both are incredible and made it possible for us to have experiences we would never have otherwise had. It was very special and memorable. - Mary

Thank you again Yoshiko and Peter for a wonderful experience!

Yvonne writes:
Cindy and I are home reflecting on our ISS08 experience and we both were so happy to be there to take advantage of all the programs and events. In the short time, we can say that we managed to do so much and enjoyed all of it...the plenary sessions, the many exhibitions, all of it..... Oh yes...all the food! It was Cindy's first time in Paris and she even took advantage of free time to use the Museum pass and Metro pass to see all that she dreamed of.....ex Mona Lisa (no line-ups) etc etc. Thanks for all the details of organizing (with Peter) many many details. Both the stay in Lyon and Paris were much more than we expected. We both thank you and Peter for your dedicated work in the planning of such an event. We are very appreciative and now I will try to share much of what I have learned with students and fellow shibori enthusiasts. Thank you again and when you are in touch with Peter, please thank him for us too. - Yvonne & Cindy

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