Monday, February 8, 2010

Exh: "Planeta" by India Flint & Anette Orom (Copenhagen, Feb'10)

Too bad we didn't hear soon enough about the exhibition, "PLANETA," works by Australian artist India Flint and Anette Blaesberg Ørom (DK) . I'm sure our friends in Copenhagen would have beelined over to Mostinghus to see it (the exhibition just closed yesterday, Feb 7). Thankfully, India has some alluring pictures up on her blog, Visit her website for a closer look at her work & process.


by Anette Blaesberg Ørom and India Flint
stitched and dyed textiles
Møsting Hus, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen
thru Feb 7 2010

Mosting Hus at night ||

Planeta, works by India Flint ||

detail of India's work ||

-- Thanks to India for sharing her news


  1. i did send you an email about it...must have been eaten by the spamfilter!
    best wishes

  2. Yes, thank you for the email -- but like you say, it got lost in the spam filter so the posting came a bit late =(