Saturday, August 21, 2010

8th ISS in HONG KONG! (Dec 2011)

We're taking it to HONG KONG!

Check out the latest on our beta site:

Our 8th International Shibori Symposium is now in the planning stages. We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Institute of Textiles & Clothing of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

If you'd like to get involved at the ground level, or you have some suggestions to give the Programming Committee, and/or you're interested in Presenting, Exhibiting, giving a Workshop, or making any proposals (venues, exhibition themes, etc)-- let's hear it. We're ready.

(photo credit: hong kong skyline, by flickr:kevinpoh. Courtesy of creative commons license)


  1. Fantástico !!! I will be there ...

  2. It'll be great to have you there again, Paola

  3. Hong Kong, only wish I will be able to attend

  4. Michelle GriffithsOctober 6, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    Looking forward to it - have been spreading the word here in the UK already

  5. As a quiltmaker from Montreal, Quebec, I have been experimenting and using shibori in my work for many years, since seeing the work of Ana Lisa Hedstrom at the Marsil Museum in 2001. I am currently preparing for a couple of workshop for quilters in Canada. I discovered World Shibori Network recently and very much look forward to participating in the next International symposium. It is a dream come true to find out that the upcoming event will be in Hong Kong! As a native of Hong Kong, born and grew up there, I may be of much use to the organizing committee and I love to get involved.
    Lily Lam

  6. @ Lily, So great! Glad you have found us and we gladly welcome your involvement in the ISS planning. Thanks for sending us your info through the online ISS form.

    @ Michelle: As always, Thank You for spreading the word!